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Send us your Charm Bracelet's story describing your charm bracelet and have the chance of getting your personal sterling silver charm bracelet for free. We will select the top 3 stories each month to be published in our blog. The best story will win a sterling silver charm bracelet and the featured charm of the month. Feel free to be creative, and to write the story in your own style.

A story from Vickie in California in search for the perfect gift:

Silver Charms to Tell a Story
"…One thing about the silver charms I selected is that I tried to find charms that represented her daily life, not just things she does on occasion. There were a lot of charms to select from and I was really impressed with how detailed and beautiful they were. Her first love is definitely her two children, so silver charms of kids were top of my list. I found charms of two boy charms (RQC0511-s and RQC0513-s) which were perfect. I also found a charm of a football player (RQC1247-s) and a baseball player (RQC1786-s), their two major activities.

For the rest of the family types of stuff I selected an adorable silver charm of a dog, perfect to match the family pet. It is exactly like their playful Schnauzer (RQC1305-s) and I put that charm right beside the charms of the boys. Since Linda is also an excellent cook and baker, there were several silver charms of various types of cooking utensils that just had to be on the bracelet. I found a coffee pot (RQC0692-s), Frying pan (RQC8113-s), mixer (RQC2008-s) and a measuring cup (RQC3699-s), perfect to represent her enjoyment of working in the kitchen.

As a nurse Linda is always busy helping other people and I was a bit worried about finding silver charms to directly relate to her profession. I shouldn't have worried; there was a wide range of options to choose from. I selected a nurse's cap (RQC0182-s), complete with the RN symbol (RQC0544-s) as the perfect choice.

To top it all off I added a couple of silver charms of Linda's hobbies. I found a cute little cycling helmet(RQC2671-s) as well as a female jogger (RQC6186-s) and a pair of sneakers (RQC6380-s) as a way to remind Linda of her love for these sports. I know she is going to be excited when her birthday rolls around, these silver charms are definitely going to be a wonderful gift."

Contest rules:

  1. Entries for each month will be accepted until midnight of the last day of the month
  2. We will review the stories and pick the finalists for our blog/facebook/twitter followers to vote on the winning story.
  3. The stories will be published by the 5th of the following month
  4. One entry per email address or household per month.
  5. Prize winner must reside in the United States and have US Street address.
  6. 18 years of age or over to enter
  7. All entries become property of charms to treasure and may be reprinted without permission. Winning entries will be published on the charms to treasure blog
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