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CharmsToTreasure is not just a website, but real people! We know it's hard to shop online with all the variety choices out there. Shopping online can be very impersonal, often we find ourselves asking if this will suit me? Will this work? We at Charms to Treasure would like to offer you a one on one shopping experience. Ask any one of us any question about fashion, styles, and whatever worries you. Let us do the worrying for you from jewelry advices to making sure you loved one is happy with his/her gift.

Jessica - Fashion Expert

Personality round-up: I actually feel that I'm a mix of many things and probably have a split personality considering I'm a Gemini. If I have to pick a few things, it'd be shopaholic and fashionsta. 
Must-have jewelry accessories: My staple is everyday diamond bracelet, stud diamond earrings, and diamond pendant with 16" chain.
Jewelry Fashion faux pas: I think jewelry express how a person is. You could tell how a person is and what they like by what jewelry they wear. I don't think any jewelry is faux pas, however, if wear 20+ rings on your 10 fingers, then I would think you went a bit overboard.
Guilty Pleasures: I must watch CW's Gossip Girls every Monday and often, i crave for cupcakes.
What I like to do to relax: I enjoy the little beauty pleasures in life like getting my manicure and pedicure, walking around the house with a facial mask on.
Few things I can't live without: This is a no-brainer for me, my wardrobe, laptop, and family. 
Favorite piece of jewelry: I dream of having a pave engagement ring one day.
Charms are on my charm bracelet: lipstick charm for my superficial side, best friend charm to remember them by, June birthstone charm for I am born in June, chihuahua dog charm for my best companion, good luck wishbone charm because I always need some luck, San Francisco cable car charm- the place I call home.

Amber - Charm Expert

Personality round-up: I guess I am like a turtle in a way love to travel but need to create my "homey" environment wherever I go. Need changes to feel alive but enjoy the familiar routine as well; a person who treasures the company of loved ones and her independence on the same time.
Must-have jewelry accessories: Wedding ring and a simple pearl strand necklace
Jewelry Fashion faux pas: Well, when it comes to jewelry I'm a minimalist, I like jewelry to be simple and elegant; I'm not crazy for tacky big colorful pieces of jewelry that take the whole attention from your appearance.
Guilty Pleasures: Eating bread products in each form and shape.
What I like to do to relax: Read, listen to music, bake, go to the beach, get a massage, spend time with family.
Few things I can't live without: My family, faith, music and books.
Favorite piece of jewelry: My charm bracelet.
Charms are on my charm bracelet: An engraved heart from my husband, a soccer charm for my grandson, an engraved baby shoe for my baby granddaughter, cup cake for my main hobby (baking), passport for my travel bug, Cocker spaniel for the amazing dog I used to have, and a photo charm of my family

Davis - Men's Perspective in Jewelry

Personality round-up: Cynical and logical. I love seeing how simple life is when it's so complicated.
Must-have jewelry accessories: Not so much into wearing jewelry as I am to see it on others!
Jewelry Fashion faux pas: You can't go wrong with jewelry. It expresses the soul, and expression shouldn't be bound!
Guilty Pleasures: I don't have any! Why feel guilty about something you like doing?
What I like to do to relax: Watching my favorite TV series with my significant other in my arms.
Few things I can't live without: My number one fan - my lover.
Favorite piece of jewelry:Simple stud earrings.






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