Headphone earrings

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Do you like listening to music on your portable music player all day? If you’re anything like me, you have those headphones glued to your ears all day long. It’s like it’s an extension of your body. Well if you’re a girl, there are options for you! You can look stylish as well as have your music with your headphones! Introducing the earring headphones. These are simply headphones that look like long dangling earrings. It’s not unheard of either. More and more headphones are beginning to look like jewelry. Vivienne Tam has created these ear buds that will bring style to sound. Although they do not look like real jewelry, they certainly do not look like annoying boring cords for earphones. The earring headphones will come in two colors, pink or blue. The retail is set at $22.80 for the headphones. If you are interested in these, check out the original article here. Also, let me know what you think about these headphones! I think they would make pretty good gifts for someone who is bored of the same old headset. Also, come check out some good luck charms.

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